RGC Round Robin Play List for June 20, 2016

As a follow-up to Kinloch Nelson’s previous Tip of The Month, we distributed copies of staff paper showing how many different locations on a 19-fret guitar neck various notes and harmonics can be played. This is in contrast to a piano, where each note/pitch has only one location on the keyboard. One of the challenges of the guitar is selecting the optimal place on the neck to play the various notes in a chord or in a run of single notes.


Salad Bowl Guitar

Jim Hill brought his latest project in for the group to check out. It was his short-scale necked “Salad Bowl Guitar”. Several of the attendees took the opportunity to tune it up and play a few licks.

Play List – Round One

John Williamson, “Memphis In June” (Webster, Carmichael)
Norman Tibbils, “To Make You Feel My Love” (Dylan)
Joe Palumbos, “Misty” (Garner)
Steve Hahn, “October Sky” (Homan)
Neil Thompson, “Study In B minor” (Bach)

Round Two:

Norm, “If I Only Had A Brain” (Arlen, Harburg)
Joe, “No Regrets” (Tobias, Ingraham)
Jim Banner, “Yesterday” (Lennon/McCartney)
Steve, “What Is Hip?” (Kupka, Castillo, Garibaldi)
Norm, “Wave” (Jobim)
Steve & Norm, Jam on “Superstition” (Wonder)

~John Williamson
Photo: Tanya Wurzer

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