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Hi Friends,

As you might surmise there will be no RGC meetings until further notice. From time to time I might send out a note about something on line worth looking into, but I imagine you folks can find all that for yourself. With the closing of practically every music venue on the planet there is now a flood of live music on line. A few months ago I heard approximately 300 hours worth of video content was being uploaded to Youtube every minute of the day. Yikes. I wonder what it is now. hereís a couple things to pass along.

Many RGCís past guest presenters/performers are hosting concerts on line. For example you might remember Harvey Reidís talk on capos out at Stutzmanís Guitar Center a few years back. Well he and his wife Joyce Anderson are now doing weekly performances from their digs in Maine. You can see the last two shows, as they are still available on line. They have a high quality camera and excellent audio. Iím including their recent e-blast below. Muriel Anderson did a show recently you can probably find archived somewhere, and Iíll bet just about everyone will get around to it eventually. So just dial up your favorite musician and see what they are offering at the moment. Youíll find all these independent artists on Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo and other streaming services.

Also worth noting: Acoustic Guitar Magazine and Fretboard Journal are hosting videos on their websites. Fretboard Journal seems to be posting a new song/performance every day, while Acoustic Guitar has a Sessions link and a Lessons link. Lots going on there. Hereís Mike Chapdelaine talking about getting good tone

On the local level Rochester Classical Guitar has moved their 1st Sunday 7-9PM Little Theater Classical Guitar Night to Facebook. Their upcoming first Sunday concert will be at the following link:

Facebook event link:

They ask viewers to consider donating to artists and arts organizations in this dire time and will accept donations for the performers and the Little Theater (donation links in the event page).

Also their Guitar Salon Series will be held at noon on Sunday May 17th via Zoom. The Guitar Salon is created to offer classical guitarists of all ages and abilities a chance to perform and to meet others who share their interest in classical guitar. Tune in to play a short tune, or just listen and enjoy!

Elsewhere... Tom Kohn at The Bop Shop is now posting videos of past in-store concerts. Hereís the most recent one Buffalo Jazz Octet.

BTW, the Bop Shop has an extensive archive of in-house concerts on their websiteís Youtube channel link. Itís kind of buried, so here it is

I guess thatís it for now. I hope you are all doing well. Stay safe. Wash your hands. No go play your guitar.

PS - this guy is hoot ! : Lucas Brar. Wow, what a great player! Check him out. So many good videos. A multilingual player literally and figuratively.

Cheers, K Nelson at RGC


From Harvey Reid and Joyce Anderson -

Weíve missed traveling and seeing folks everywhere while our kids are growing up. The virus got everybody streaming live music, so weíre diving in after last weekís pilot broadcast. It felt great to perform and connect in a new way. Join us for some live music Fridays online at 8pm EST! Details in the link above.

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channels (if have gmail). Youíll never miss a video or stream, and more subscribers gets us better treatment from YouTube. Itís free and itís one button click on the video page when you watch.

Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen Archived Shows on YouTube:

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