RGC Play List for August 17, 2020 on Zoom

The August 2020 RCG meeting was a round robin session which took place on Zoom, with a lot of friendly conversation in between pieces. The meeting began with a quick update of guitar news including the passing of the legendary classical guitarist, Julian Bream. We discussed Bream’s concert at Alfred University in 1970, his contributions to the classical guitar and his effort in reviving the lute. Members shared with each other how they obtain music – original compositions, books, arrangements (by members themselves, or purchased), and internet resources (Classclef.com, Sky Guitar, YouTube channel, etc.). This led to a deep discussion regarding copyrights and licensing of all sorts. Individual members also shared a wide variety of personal topics: Kinloch recommended the book, Troubadour Chronicle by Harvey Reid, which is a comprehensive account of the self-accompanied singer; Jerry ran down his pedalboard, and John shared his story of how he obtained his Aria guitar (AC-50), which he has owned since September of 1972.

John Williamson, “Love Letters” (Victor Young, Edward Heyman)
Lou Alano, Slack-key Medley: “Pua Lena” - “Kealoha” -”E Huli Ho‘i Mai” - “Hula O Makee” (arranged by Mark Kailana Nelson) in open D tuning
Jerry Carter, “Summertime” (George Gershwin)
Tom Napoli, “Serenade to Spring” (Rolf Lovland)
Ken Luk, “This Boy” (Lennon/McCartney) in open D tuning
Bob Mooney, “Remembrance” (original), “Victory Rag” (James Scott)
Kinloch Nelson, “The Water is Wide” (Scottish folk song) on harp guitar
Sungmin Lee, “Awakening” (Maneli Jamal), in altered tuning – CGCGCC, with capo at the first fret over the five lower strings
Lou, “Little Ditty” (original), in open D tuning
Jerry, “Seven Bridges Road” (The Eagles)
Ken, “Gente Humilde” (Garoto) on tenor guitar
Bob, “Holy, Holy, Holy” (R. Heber)
Sungmin, “Bird” (Byung Woo Lee), in open D tuning
Kinloch, “And Your Bird Can Sing” (Lennon/McCartney)

~Ken Luk

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