A Half Century of Guitar Repair, Play List & Notes on Zoom, Januay 21, 2021

This month’s meeting opened with a narration and visual tour by member, Kinloch Nelson, exhibiting what turned out to be a half-century labor of love. It all began in the sixties when Kinloch was even younger than he is now, and was, unfortunately, involved in an automobile accident, clearly not his fault! He was, happily, not injured, but his Gibson J50 was not so lucky! This beautiful instrument with a mahogany back suffered extensive cracks and related damage requiring extensive repairs. At the time, Kinloch decided to widen the neck as part of the repair project. He learned much from this experience as he went along over the years often needing to start over. He kept a visual record of the process including many of the details providing us with a running documentary of all the dramatic moments and including a variety of wedges, clamps, various glues and light bulbs. It’s still a work in progress today! Our gathering then continued with further discussion combined with the usual round robin performances:

John Williamson, “Walk Away, Renee” (Brown, Collili, Sansone)
Steve Greene treated us to an impromptu five-minute lesson on how to use the contrast between dissonance and consonance to liven up a piece. He spoke about and demonstrated the use of flat five and sharp five chords as well as jazzy flat seven and Mixolydian scales and the ultimate weapon –the magic tritone! Steve completed his lesson discussing the importance of Segovia scales for any style of playing. Steve then played his version of “Tutu.” (Miles Davis)
Brad Calkins, “Cello Suite Prelude” (Bach) played in alternate tuning DGCGCD
Jeremy Carter, “My Creole Belle” (Mississippi John Hurt)
Joe Palumbos, “Trapped” (original)
Tom Napoli told us about his current project producing a virtual performance on Zoom of an arrangement by Ken Luk of “Tennessee Waltz” (Pee Wee King) for mandolin orchestra using Adobe Premier Elements software.
Bob Mooney, “Winter Wonderland” (Felix Bernard)
Kinloch Nelson shared a timely recording of the late Stanley Watson playing his Eulogy for Martin Luther King.
The group then talked about guitarists who have been lost in the last fifty years. Just to mention a few: Eddie Van Halen, Little Richard, Julian Bream, Paul Chapman, John Lennon, Miche Fambro, Jimi Hendrix...
Brad Calkins & Lou Alano discussed the new Muriel Anderson’s Super Trebles (link: https://www.facebook.com/brunnerguitars/posts/the-muriel-trebles-are-finally-outsome-of-you-may-have-seen-a-post-of-these-atta/2456435711062343/)

Our next meeting will be on February 15, 2021, the day after Valentine’s! Watch your e-mail for sign-in details!

~Richard Taglieri

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