RGC Play List for February 21, 2022 on Zoom

Tonight’s meeting featured much discusion including the issue of nails vs. picks vs. bare fingers. Hopefully, the session for March will be in Wesley Hall once again. Watch this site for more information.

Bob Mooney, “Dark as a Dungeon” (Merle Travis)
(chord structure adapted to minor)
Tom Napoli, “Ke’Aloha” (trad. slack key)
(open ‘G’ tuning)”
Jim Reynolds,Taro Patch” (trad. slack key)
(tuning: DGDGBD)
Richard Taglieri, “Siciliana” (Fedinando Carulli)
Kinloch Nelson, “Ballad of the Crystal Empire” (animated TV series){on harp guitar)
Bob Mooney, “Long Cool Woman” (the Hollies)
Kinloch Nelson, Beatles Medley

~Richard Taglieri

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