Sunflower Guitar For Ukraine

Hi Friends,

A few weeks ago I was at a guitar festival in Woodstock NY. You may remember my post about it. Anyway while I was there, I heard about the Sunflower Guitar For Ukraine fund-raising project for the victims of the war.

So what, you may ask, is Sunflower Guitar For Ukraine? It was started by guitar maker Linda Manzer, who was motivated by the invasion of Ukraine to build a special Ukraine-themed acoustic guitar to inspire people to donate to much needed humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Music artists have taken up the cause by appearing in videos where they play the Sunflower Guitar, sign its blue and yellow guitar case, and encourage their fans to donate. (Artists supporting the project are listed on the website and I am sure you will recognize many many names. The guitar itself will be presented to the people of Ukraine when it is safe to do so.)

If any of you are interested in donating money to help out Ukraine families that are most in need this might be an appealing way to do so. Sunflower Guitar For Ukraine funnels all donations directly to US charity $1k Project for Ukraine and a Canadian charity, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. These organizations then distribute the money to vetted families in need, taking only a small administration fee, probably one of the smaller ones out there.

For how to donate, and for more information about this project, its origin and author, and the lengthly and still growing list of the musicians and luthiers who have signed on in support of the project please visit:

Thanks, Kinloch Nelson

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