RGC Play List for May 15, 2023 in Wesley Hall

May’s meeting was attended by a small, eclectic gathering with nine people in attendance. Here is what we heard:

Lou Alano did a show-n-tell of his new Tonewood amp on his Morris six-string with “Landslide.” (Stevie Nicks)

Bob Mooney did a show-n-tell of his sitar which he is restoring. Using Lou’s guitar, he played “Ave Maria.” (traditional) Although Bob’s sitar was in rough shape and still on its restoration journey, it was the hit of the evening!

Jim Reynolds presented a Hawaiian slack-key song, “Opihi Moemoe.” (Leonard Kwan)

Joe Palumbos  played “Joyful, Joyful.” (traditional – his own arrangement)

Beth Slaboda played a medley of two original songs on a three-string dulcimer and read a short poem inspired by the evening’s music. Here is her reaction to Bob and his Sitar:

“...It’s three o’clock in the morning...and I am rhyming instead of sleeping. I’m thinking about the guy at Rochester Guitar Club who thanked me for playing my mountain dulcimer as he brought out a rather large instrument case. He slowly unzipped the bag and revealed — wait for it — a SITAR! He had found it on Craig’s list. It was in pieces when he bought it. No problem! He is an engineer who is also a musician. He revels in completing such restoration projects.  I cannot believe I did not snap a pic...”

“...but I did write a rhyme:”

Show and Tell

The man revealed his project.
His face was filled with joy.
He seemed to have the heart of
an excited little boy.

As he told his story,
his eyes were shiny bright.
His energy flowed through the room
and filled us with delight.

“There’s nothing I like better
than to watch a grown-up kid
share the pure adventure
of something that he did!”

“Later, Bob joined me on “Amazing Grace.” That is the first time I have ever heard a mountain dulcimer and a sitar singing together. Pretty cool!”

P.P.S. “Listen, really listen, to the joy in the stories others tell. Some of it may spill over onto you!”

Several others did listen and enjoy the evening without playing.

The Rochester Oratorio Society was in strong voice down the hall, but it was no problem with our doors closed!

Oh, and me? – I played on my Cordoba nylon six-string, “Bella Ciao!” (Italian traditional)

~Tom Napoli

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