RGC Play List for October 16 in Wesley Hall

Six members attended the October meeting: Jason Cornwell, Tom Briggs, Jim Hill (first time since Covid), Beth Slaboda, the guy who comes every month but doesn’t play, and me. (Tom Napoli)
There was more talking than playing, or it seemed so as the play list was quite short.

Play List:

Tom Briggs, “Sunny” (Bobby Hebb)
Beth Slaboda, - two original compositions (one involving roller skates ?) on dulcimer
Jason Cornwell - two Russian classical songs on his 7-string guitar: “As Behind the Deer River” (an approximate translation) and “Local Hero” (Mark Knopfler)
Tom Napoli - intro to “Never Die Young” (J. Taylor)

That’s all folks,
~Tom Napoli

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