Some Useful Guitar Links for Everyone

Hi everyone, Josh here from the Syracuse guitar league. I have gathered some links of the best guitar lessons/sites ranging from beginners to experts. In other words there is something for everyone here. Please take a look at what I have found if you are looking to learn something new. is for solo guitar lessons. This website is a goldmine. Very difficult arrangements but many songs that we all love are on here, check it out. The website is absolutely free and runs on donations. I have used this site for 3 years and learned many songs like “Girl from Ipanema,” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”.. Takes you through visually, note by can manipulate the speed. Ive found nothing else like it. Worth checking out for intermediate and advanced players for sure.

♪ For Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Merle Travis lessons and tons of other lessons look here (For the Thumb and Finger-pickers out there
(Hey BIG DON!!!))

♪ For various rock/blues popular music and jazz lessons look at the following:

Geared more towards beginners is:

♪ And For Django Reinhardt Gypsy Guitar Lessons

♪ Learning the circle of fifths which I am working on now-Pretty cool because it walks you through it and gives you a quiz which helps you practice your major and minor scales. Found Here:

♪ I have learned a lot from these, but I have learned so much more from
this amazing performer:

Thank you, Loren

Take care all,

Joshua Jessen

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