Fred Kelly Freedom Pics

I have been on one of my obsessive compulsive quests. I have given up on ever growing nails. That story is to long to go into. I was almost OK with the Alaska brass pics but you have to have good nails to use them so that was no help for me and I can get by with just the standard brass picks but they are often to metallic sounding. So far these are the best so far I have found for me.

These are Fred Kelly Freedom Pics. First off, with no modifications these pics are horrible!! They are painful and don’t work well. They dig into the nail cuticle and will not stay on your fingers .With my modifications they became very comfortable, don’t slide off your fingers, and sound terrific! They come in both Delrin (soft sound) and polycard (brighter)/ I prefer the poly carbonate ones. They do not have the metallic sound of brass and sound very close to what you would get from a flat pick. The banjo players like these because they can use the back of the nail .

As for the modifications I just use the clear pick guard material that Stewmac sells to extend the top of the pic. along with clear packing tape. This eliminates the pain on the cuticle and acts as a cantilever to press the pic more secure on the nail. I heat them up first and close them tighter and file off any painful edges I that find painful. Notice in the photo how the top part of my finger is white from the pressure created.

Bad thing is that they are somewhat fat on your fingers and I can hear some clicking going on as they hit each other. It is worse with the Delrin ones. They may not be good for a guitar with a 2 1/8 saddle spacing. My steel string saddle spacing is wide like a classical guitar. .I believe I could thin them down but have not tried that yet and as I play more with them I think I am doing something different to minimize it. I would also say if a player can just not get use to finger pics these will not work for them.

You can order from Sun Creek , they are very fast, just two days to get them.

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