Radio Shows for Finger Style Guitar

1. WSLR, a station in Florida, has a fingerstyle guitar show every other Wednesday night. You can find it on this website: hosts a radio show called “Aerial Boundaries.” The show airs live every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, EST on Sarasota, Florida’s own community sponsored radio station, WSLR 96.5. The main focus of the show is solo fingerstyle guitar. If you want to stream it, go to this link and download the info: They also have a Facebook site:

2. There is another site that has some old radio broadcasts on it which were done by Stefan Grossman years ago. This is quite an interesting site. It was created by a man named Paul Kucharski simply to create a source of information and a place where fingerstyle guitar could be the focus. He has some old radio shows on line that are of interest. He isn’t at the moment doing a podcast or weekly show, but he would be a source of information. Here is the link to the S. Grossman shows.

3. Another site lists the 17 Stefan Grossman radio interviews and has them available for listening. This site is called Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop.

4. Here is something that isn’t exactly fingerstyle guitar, but it is a radio show worthy of notice:

5. Then there is Richard Smith’s radio show...Check out the new Richard Smith Radio Hour on Radio Free Nashville at 98.9 FM every Monday from 11-12 pm CST. You can stream the show live on the Internet by visiting: “Radio Free Nashville.”

6. This one appears to be Christian radio, but is of interest due to its connection to the magazine’s Masters of “Fingerstyle Guitar” Bob Evans, Craig ... He is currently the featured guitarist for the weekly radio program, “A Heart of Praise.” He is also an occasional columnist for “Fingerstyle Guitar” magazine ...

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