Stanley Watson interview from 1973

Dear Friends and Fans of Stanley Watson,

For some time now I have thought about putting up an old radio interview Stanley Watson did on Rochester radio in the Summer of 1973. Well the other day I found the tape recording I made directly off the radio that night and transferred it to digital format. It is now on my website for all to hear. There is also a little write-up about this radio show and the times in which it took place.

For those of you who don’t recognize the name, or for whom it strikes a only faint memory, Stanley was a guitar teacher and local music luminary with whom I studied guitar in the early 1970’s. Stan had come over from England, and was living, teaching, composing and performing in Rochester at the time. He was quite a colorful character, and an inspiring teacher, and influential member of the local music scene. Like many musicians Stan never got around to making any recordings, other than the two tracks that appeared on the first two Chuck Mangione albums. But he did the occasional radio interview/concert, one of which I recorded, and have now put on my website, along with the other information about Stanley that has been on there for a while now.

The audio file plays all the way through, but I did divide it into tracks with track titles that can be selected one at a time, if you prefer. You may notice a small gap between the tracks, my apologies for that small inconvenience. This might be fixed later, but my website host is way busy and might not get to it for a while. So I am going ahead and letting you folks know about it now.

The show runs an hour. These days we are all so busy and a free hour can sometimes be hard to find. But perhaps on one of these cold winter weekends or evenings you’ll find an uninterrupted hour to just sit down and enjoy this fond look back. Here it is...

Best to all in the New Year, Kinloch Nelson

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