Leah Ou & the Pipa

Leah Ou — Classically trained, Leah Ou began playing pipa twenty years ago. A performer and teacher in China, Leah has devoted herself to musical exploration, so as to help usher this timeless instrument into a new musical age. Her recent move to Rochester has inspired her to spend time thinking about bridging the gap between traditional Chinese folk and American music.

The pipa — The pipa dates back almost 2000 years, being popular in China since around 618AD.
The pipa is a 4-stringed Chinese musical instrument. Sometimes called the Chinese Lute, the pipa has a pear-shaped body with a varying number of frets numbering from 12 to 26. The instrument in this concert is the full-sized 26- fret model. Modern pipa compositions are often characterized by five finger tremolo, note bending into the deep frets, percussive plucking of strings and its notably bright sound.

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