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Segovia Album

♪ I went to the Bop Shop to look at the old LP’s which I do from time to time because there are many classical guitar records that were never transferred to CD. So I find a Segovia LP called: “Andres Segovia, My Favorite Spanish Encores.” On the back on the record Segovia says:

“The Short selections on this record are among those with which I choose to reward the audience when, after the regular portion of my concert is over, they ask for encores.

After I have played 5 or 6, I approach the edge of the stage, give thanks to the audience for their generous welcome, and bid them good-bye, saying:

‘My friends, it is not I, young and stronge at 80, but the guitar, of delicate feminine curvature, who is already very tired.’”

♪ This particular LP interested me because it is an LP that features only the “encore” songs he played after his regular program was over. I get the LP to the Car, and look inside and what do I find? ...an Original Andrés Segovia Concert Program from Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY dated March 8, 1976!


Segovia Concert at Kleinhans in 1976

♪ Doing some research I find that the “QRS” at the top of the program is a production company that was owned by Ramsi P. Tick, who asked fifty of his friends for the sum of $1000 each to purchase the QRS piano Roll company and move it from New York City to Buffalo, NY. QRS stopped making piano rolls earlier this year, but is still in business. The Ramsi P. Tick Concert series is still featured as a concert treasure in Buffalo.

♪ A few years back I took my daughter to see violinist Hilary Hahn at one of these concerts. Lindsey still talks about it. Jason Vieaux played there a few years ago, too. Ramsi P. Tick was known for bringing great artists to Buffalo for many years before he passed away. In the program it states in the comment section that Segovia would name songs in the program like “Six Brief Pieces from the Sixteenth entury, or “Five Brief Compositions” to open up his selections based on his mood for the evening and what he felt like playing.


Segovia Newspaper Clipping

♪ I was never lucky enough to see Segovia, but finding this program was a rare treat and I thought I would share it with you. Kinloch Nelson was present in the audience that evening. He says he had a copy of the same program and it hung in his studio for years, but he finally lost it. See what Kinloch has to say now! They are highly sought-after collectibles....unsigned they go in the $50.00 range, signed upwards of $200 depending on the program. Inside the program was also included a newspaper clipping of the picture of Segovia on stage that evening from a Buffalo newspaper.

On the program that evening:


Six Brief Pieces from the 16th century, Anonymous
Romanza for Guitar, Niccolo Paginini
Theme with variations in E major, Fernando Sor
Suite mystic, V. Asencio
Allegretto, Federico Moreno Torroba


5 Brief Compositions, Johann Sebastian Bach


Ronsard, nello stile di un’ Arrietta Francese Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Retorno tempo di habanera
Caprichio, Isaac Albeniz

—Jim Doyle


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